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Welcome to The RainyDayGardener Blog. Through this blog, I have been able to combine my love of writing, photography and gardening. This has been a wonderful undertaking and I enjoy the adventure of it. I am a passionate ornamental and edible grower and I strive to create a landscape, that is budget, kid and pet friendly, while choosing alternatives to chemicals and pesticides.

I started this blogging adventure in 2008 and have expanded my interest from only growing classic ornamental plants to creating a large vegetable garden, complete with fruit trees and several varieties of berries. And, while I still appreciate classic and traditional plants, I have become more selective about my plant choices, taking care that they are water wise, multi-season and adding more natives to my plant selections. 

The greatest joy I have experienced through blogging is connecting with local garden bloggers. Truly, gardeners are some of the nicest people. I have learned so much from this great group and hope to share my enthusiasm and lessons learned as I weave a life around garden time.

Zone 8b 
North Willamette Valley 



  1. We live in Graham WA and have a large garden. Each spring I give away lots of divisions. Hosta, Jap blood grass, bamboo and others to numerous to mention.
    My name is Karen, ph (360) 893-6491.
    If you're interested in free plants for your new home, call and I can e-mail a list of available plants.

  2. You are so kind to offer! I will be in touch. Thank you Karen!

  3. Jenni, can I be so bold as to suggest a small but intrepid farmers market for inclusion in your list of Clackamas County Farmers Markets??

    1. No problem Sheri, I'll put the link up!

    2. Hello Jenni,
      I found your nice garden blog by accident. Your post about Hawaii caught immediately my attention. Everything looks very exotic to me.
      Greetings from Germany


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