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A Visit to the Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Gardens Part 1

First, let me tell you, that taking the time to trek across Hawaii (the Big Island) to visit the Hawaiian Tropical Botancial Gardens was ABSOLUTELY worth it!!

Just outside of Hilo, tucked into a lush valley overlooking the Pacific Ocean, are the Hawaiian Tropcial Botanical Gardens. 

Above, the kids decided to accompany me for the day, much to my surprise, and truly enjoyed the outing. 

After checking out the little gift shop and purchasing our passes to tour the gardens, we headed for the entrance and stopped to admire unknown and alien looking plants along the way. (Compared to our plants in the PNW.)

The trail begins with a long walk down a wooden raised boardwalk. Folks who may require assistance down the trail could hop a ride on a golf-cart that would take them down to the ground floor. There was plenty of room and pull outs for the cart to allow passersby and it all went off without a hitch.

I'll do my best to identify plants. Please forgive any mistakes. 
These botanical gardens …

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