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Bloom Day - May 2017

Sunny days with the birds chirping and bees buzzing have been few and far between in the damp Pacific Northwest. In my zone 8b gardens, the blooms are budding but they've been difficult to capture between rain and hail storms. Above, my favorite shot of pink dogwood blossoms from 2017.

I keep my lewisia in a metal kitchen strainer to keep the plant from getting too wet. Above are the pretty blooms I have been rewarded with. It's native to Southern Oregon but isn't happy with too much water and not enough sun.

The tulips finished blooming in early May. They endured a windy and wet spring. I grow them in pots in order to keep the blooms from drowning in my wet, heavy clay soil.

My geums 'Totally Tangerine' have provided a delightful spray of orange color. Very cheerful, especially with the number of deary days. This geum flourishes in dappled sunlight and in a less than ideal garden that will be paved over with cobble stones some day.

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