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Make Way for the McMansions

Our little street is going through some changes. The home next to ours sold to a local developer and was subsequently, demolished.

This old house was in rough shape. It sat on a long, skinny lot much like ours. Most of the homes on our little street were built pre-1940, the majority of which were built between 1910-1930. It's an old, established neighborhood with all the good and bad that comes with it. Most homes are kept in good shape, but it is becoming gentrified (like many neighborhoods in the Portland Metro Area). We've just been lucky to have new families move into the older homes, valuing the character of the old home and land that came with it and restoring the home. (Much like my husband and I are doing.)

This old house really needed some TLC..a complete demo to the studs...but developers have other plans.

As it turns out, this local developer, ICON Construstion, has plans to demolish the home and put two in it's place, creating a flag lot. Our once private back …

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