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Fall Splendor in the Rainy Day Garden

Autumn is my favorite time of year: golden, changing light and crisp air. I enjoy the colorful display so many of my trees and plants put on this time of year.

Here's a look at what's happening now:

The coral bark maple tree is beginning to shed it's leaves..

Below, the skeletons of blooms will make for a fine, frosted scene (whenever we get our first frost....) on eutrochium purpureum (Joe Pye Weed). I fell in love with this plant when I visited Holland and saw it blanketing the canals and riverbanks. I do my best to keep it moist in the summer here..and it has rewarded me with wonderful, three season interest.

This image had to be shared. The 'Coral' in coral bark maple was really standing out against the golden leaves.

And just one shot more...
I've been watching persicaria 'Lance Corporal' turn to shades of yellow-gold as autumn marches on.

Fothergilla 'Mt. Airy' is marginally boring most of the year...I mean the little bottle brush flowers …

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