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The First Frost of Winter

I get a bit giddy when the first frost hits. I always hope it will land on a weekend, so I can take pictures during the pretty light of early morning. This year..I lucked out! The first frost in my neck of the woods occurred on a Saturday morning. Yippe! After a cup of coffee to clear the cobwebs..I dashed out in my pj's and bathroom to zip around the yard and see what story nature had to tell. (I have no doubt that I have the reputation of that 'crazy plant lady' in my neighborhood.)

Join me for a walk around the winter garden...

Frost heightens the beauty of foliage. It accentuates the subtle lines and patterns at play. It brings the details we don't normally see into sharp relief. Colors get muted into 'heathered' tones, which are my favorite hues.
My favorite frosty pic is below. Icy, white, frost, draws the eye to the intricate pattern on Thuja occidentalis 'Golden Tuffet'. I imagine a diamond crusted piece of fine jewelry.

Geranium leaves cover…

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