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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - February 2018

Lovely February, you are welcome in my garden. The Hellebore's are putting on a wonderful show of color during these otherwise, dull, winter days.

I picked up a second helleborus 'Golden Sunrise' from the winter jewels collection. You can see in the pic below why this pretty, painted, yellow color would be so welcome this time of year.

I moved the bulk of my hellebores this past fall season, to a newly reclaimed flower bed that had held a very old (and large) privet hedge. It was quite the project, but seeing all of these pretty blooms, made that difficult endeavor worthwhile.

Hellebore's like full sun and I had sadly planted too many of my collection in the shade of taller plants. Now this fully exposed bed will give them the space and light they need to flourish. 

Most of my treasured hellebores are from an Oregon based breeder and grower that sell under their 'Winter Jewels' line. I've visited their gardens and even attended a 'seconds' sale, w…

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