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January Blooms and a new Plant Bed!

Yikes! I'm late to get this post out. I honestly didn't even think about posting for Bloom Day (the 15th) until I realized that I actually do have a few blooms in the garden.

Spring *might* be early this year in the great Pacific Northwest. We've had a very mild January with two sunny weekends in a row. There's always the chance during this La Nina season that we could get a cold snap in early Februrary however unlikely as it feels.

Last summer my husband and I tore out an old privet hedge that took up a lot of valuable space in my postage stamp of a front yard. Below is a pic of when we chopped the hedge in half to prepare for pulling it out via the pick-up truck. (That was an adventure..2 new tow straps later...)

Here's how it looked with the hedge torn out. I think I gained 4+ feet of space to plant things I like! 
The old chain-link fence came out and a new, wooden fence was installed. I expanded the stone retaining wall, filled in with dirt and then had a new s…

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